Our Mission

Our mission is to become a commercially focused, diversified and vertically integrated technology-driven nuclear energy company that will capture market share in the very large and growing nuclear energy sector. To implement our plans, since our founding in 2022, our management has secured certain connections within key U.S. government agencies, including the DOE, the INL and ORNL, which are a part of the DOE’s national nuclear laboratory system. Our company also maintains important collaborations with leading researchers from the Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre and The University of California, Berkeley.

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Recent Reports

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Environmental, Social & Governance

Minimize environmental impact through emission controls, energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, and biodiversity protection.

Performance measured by emission reductions, recycling rates, energy consumption, and water reuse.

Enhance workplace safety, diversity, and community engagement.

Performance indicators include safety incidents, diversity metrics, community impact, and employee satisfaction.

Maintain high standards in corporate governance, ethics, and transparency.

Monitored through compliance audits, board evaluations, and stakeholder feedback.

Integrate ESG principles into all business decisions and operations.

Evaluated by the number of ESG innovations, integration levels, and progress on ESG targets.